Aquarian Soul

AQUARIAN SOUL was created by herbalist Ally Sands in 2013. She originally began working with crystals and using them to create jewelry that would impart the healing benefits to the user. Using her knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of gemstones, she combined it with traditional herbal medicine to create AQUARIAN SOUL as it is today. Everything is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure quality. Everything we create is made with the utmost respect for the planet and conservation of plants. Ally holds a BA in psychology and is a certified master herbalist, aromatherapist and reiki healer. She is also a member of the United Plant Savers Organization and The California Native Plant Society.


Going back to the moment our universe was created, minerals, water and other particles are what make up our world. Our own bodies are made up of mostly water and minerals, so its only natural to think that we are intrinsically connected to the world of minerals and crystals. Every crystal has a different vibration, a different healing energy that works with our own chemistry to help restore our bodies to their highest potential. Ally hand selects every crystal that goes into our formulas, whether its going to international gem shows, or digging them out of the ground herself.


We strive to create all natural products that are made up of entirely plant based products.

This means everything we make is:

  • 100% plant based
  • 100% organic respectfully wildcrafted ingredients
  • uses therapeutic grade organic essential oils & food grade ingredients
  • FREE of GMO's (Genetically Modified Ingredients)
  • FREE of palm oil, synthetic ingredients, preservatives/ parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial fragrances
  • gluten FREE
  • cruelty FREE/ NO animal testing
  • all items are made in entirely reusable, recyclable containers